Morocco : Where is the Prince Moulay Rachid ?

In Morocco, doubts and questions about the prolonged absence of the Moroccan prince Moulay Rachid, the king's brother.

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Doubts and questions about the prolonged absence of the Moroccan prince

In the labyrinths of the tormented kingdom, questions pile up without answers: why this prolonged absence, the reasons for which remain an indecipherable enigma?

24 hours after the devastating earthquake which shook Morocco on the night of September 8 to 9, Mohammed VI, accompanied by Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, chairs a working session in Rabat devoted to examining the situation. In this unprecedented moment which brought together the political-military elite of the kingdom, one man was missing and not the least: Prince Moulay Rachid. In such circumstances, protocol and tradition dictate that the heir apparent is next to his brother King Mohammed VI. Between Mohammed VI and Moulay Rachid, the crisis has been worsening for months already. The last appearance of Moulay Rachid dates back to a few days ago, when he attended the funeral of Aïcha El Khattabi, the last direct descendant of the influential Rifian leader Abdel Karim El Khattabi who died, last Wednesday. For many observers, his presence at his funeral is a blatant repudiation of the king’s approach. So this reappearance of the prince will not dissipate the mist of uncertainty. She paved the way for the whispers that seep from behind the palace walls describing the kingdom as a place of secret conspiracies, where egos and individual ambitions spill out into the open. We thus learn that in the royal family there is an atmosphere of distrust. People observe each other with suspicion and the authority of the king is questioned. Who will succeed Mohammed VI? A nagging question that summons daggers and daggers and even the boss of the Moroccan Directorate General of Territorial Surveillance (Dgst), Abdellatif Hammouchi, gets involved. Its objective is to sell to the West, notably to the Americans, the candidacy of Moulay Rachid as future king to replace Mohammed VI instead of crown prince Moulay El Hassan. He has succeeded in a first step since the current no longer passes between the crown prince and Moulay Rachid. From this electrified royal atmosphere, the powerful boss of the intelligence services, Abdellatif Hammouchi, wants to take advantage of it to place Moulay Rachid on the Throne. Just like Driss El Bassri, Hamouchi has always had a penchant for Moulay Rachid instead of the current king. On the advice of Driss El Bassari, the late King Hassan II was going to appoint Moulay Rachid as his successor, before changing his mind at the last minute for reasons that remain unknown to this day. Hassan II fully exercised his power as king. He was dominant and omnipresent. He wanted to model his son on his exact image. Wasted effort. Sent for an internship at the European Commission, Mohammed found himself in bars and nightclubs. He enjoys the company of these acrobats who flambe their lives and let go as they please. Having caught wind, this news plunged sovereign Hassan II into deep disappointment, to the point that he reportedly deplored a “chromosomal error” in his son. He wasn’t wrong. to the point that he would have deplored a “chromosomal error” in his son. He wasn’t wrong. to the point that he would have deplored a “chromosomal error” in his son. He wasn’t wrong.

The kingdom of Morocco today has a number of scandals: the Pegasus spy affair, the corruption scandal in the European Parliament, drugs on an industrial scale, sex tourism and pedophilia added to white trafficking. Sad results for a reign that has lasted a quarter of a century. In recent weeks, the Israeli press has persistently mentioned a sedition by generals within the royal army defying the supreme leader of the armies, who is none other than King Mohammed VI. There is indeed talk of several generals being dismissed for having denounced the Abraham Accords. The Moroccan Front against normalization with the Zionist entity is growing, attracting more and more citizens. Far from being a simple bout of fever, the crisis brewing at the Royal Palace is a violent reaction to a shameful capitulation of the Makhzen. This deep fault was aggravated by the management of the effects of the last earthquake.

When doubt arises about the legitimacy, integrity and morality of the king. When rumors of plots and betrayals punctuate the daily lives of citizens, and when widespread suspicion leads to the establishment of a climate of denunciation, we must face the facts: decadence is on the threshold of the kingdom. At times like this, authority is needed. But the king is not there…He reigns in flex office mode.

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