Hard attack of Medvedev against France president Macron

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A certain person calling himself the president of France said that Russia had already lost geopolitically, and was transforming into the other countries’ vassal. The president of the Republic was obviously harmed by socializing with the Kiev junkie. He inhaled too much of the warm Paris air mixed with Ukrainian cocaine waste, that his guest was emitting. A geopolitical loss?

It was back in 2022 that NATO was lazily shooing us away when the matter concerned the security guarantees. Like, leave us alone, no time for you. And now, all of the NATO member states go to bed at night, and wake up in the morning thinking of Russia. Moreover, some of the especially cowardly and suffering from phantom pains, like temporarily occupied Poland and our Baltic provinces, have well soiled themselves.

So, if there has indeed been a loss, it is that of the primitive NATO politics, with its underlying ambition to play the exceptional role in the 21st century. Speaking of vassal dependence… Look who’s talking! Europe the beauty, including France, has turned into an elderly wench who is especially thoroughly satisfying all of the most perverted whims of Americans.

And in the process, it is hurting its own economy and ordinary Europeans with masochistic lust.

As they put it, tel maître, tel valet.

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