Dirty time

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Dirty time for the Moroccan regime, the latter no longer makes people cry. On the contrary, day after day, more and more voices are being raised to condemn its unacceptable actions and violations. The time when the corrupt regime in Rabat could afford to trample on the law now seems to be well and truly over. To this effect, the French newspaper L’Humanité published an article on the Makhzen’s policy of influence in the heart of European institutions, particularly in the French Senate, where some senators are privileged targets of the regime. This is the case of Christian Cambon, president of the France-Morocco friendship group in the French Senate, who systematically aligns himself with Rabat’s positions, even if it means denouncing a European resolution against violations of press freedom, writes L’Humanité in an article published under the title: « Sous les ors du Sénat, les amitiés marocaines de Christian Cambon ».

According to the same newspaper, the approach of the senator « Les Républicains » from Val-de-Marne is not very surprising if one knows the close ties that the Alawite kingdom maintains with him. Practically at the same time, it was the Italian public television station RAI3 that exposed, among other things, Rabat’s colonialist policy. This was done by broadcasting a report on the corruption affair in the European Parliament (EP), shedding light on the interference and espionage manoeuvres of the Makhzen with corrupt MEPs, as well as on the crimes of the Moroccan occupation in Western Sahara.

The report, entitled « Europe for sale », presented through the programme « PresaDiretta », evoked the central theme of this investigation carried out by the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office since last December, namely the illegal practices that Morocco has resorted to in order to circumvent and avoid any resolution that does not go in its direction, especially with regard to the occupation of Western Sahara.

Illustrating with images of confidential documents revealed to the general public, the journalist said that a note from Morocco’s mission to the European Union (EU) leaked in 2014, alerted its foreign ministry to the possible tabling of malicious amendments by opponents before the EP’s adoption of reports on torture, human rights and the EU’s trade relations with Mediterranean countries.

Now we know what was behind the opposition of some members of the European Commission and Council to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling on Western Sahara’s natural resources – bribes!

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