Gdeim Izik phobia

In Western Sahara, it is forbidden to build tents in the beaches of El Aaiun.
With the suffocating heat of August, and at the lack of infrastructure to accommodate the numerous families came to spend a few days in the coast of Foum El Wad, Sahrawi families proceeded to build campaign and traditional tents in the beach, and they clashed the Moroccan security forces.
Morocco’s auxiliary forces soldiers proceeded to the dismantling of these tents by force under the command of the Moroccan security officials of the municipality.
These repressive measures against the installation of the Sahrawi tents have been applied since Gdeim Izik camp, which was installed in 2010 to protest against the Moroccan policy of marginalization and impoverishment of the Sahrawi population despite the many riches of Western Sahara territory.

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