Focal point for securing time for the House and Senate meetings


1.     Secure time available:  Mouaad will be the focal point for securing time for the House meetings and Saida for Senate meetings while Sandrine and Ouissal will be requesting them.  

2.     Prioritizing upcoming congressional meetings and selecting members.

Must do meetings:

                 first with MDB which is scheduled for the 17th

                meeting Moroccan Caucus, met with Grim with Mouaad and we are working on a dinner for the co-chairs

                meeting with the replacement of Payne, already scheduled for the 18th


Strategic meetings with Chairmen, committees and subcommittees with Jurisdiction our country

                 House Foreign Affair committee members: Ros-Lehtinen (will do a follow up meeting) and Berman

        -subcommittee:  Chris Smith, Gary Ackerman, Karen Bass (scheduled the 18th)

                Senate Foreign Relations: Kerry, Lugar, Casey, Jim Risch

                House Appropriations: hall Rogers, Norm Dicks, Kay Granger, Nita Lowey (Mouaad and Jordan met with her staff)

                House Appropriations: Inouye, Thad Cochran

                House Armed Services: Buck McKeon, Adam Smith

                Senate Armed Services: Carl Levin, John McCain

                House Intelligence Committee : Mike Rogers, Dutch Ruppersberger

                Senate Intelligence Committee : Dianne Feinstein, Saxby Chambliss 


3.     my guys told me that all material for the meetings is prepared by Jordan. This is why I suggested to hold follow up meetings (first one tomorrow at 11am). 

 4.     face to face preparation meeting with you before important congressional visits are very useful but the material and talking points prepared before the meetings can prevent undue pressure on my schedule.

5.     MAC staff will attend congressional meetings as agreed between us when need be.

6.  am glad that Congressional staff visits are going well and they should continue, Fouad gives me feedback on all the meetings he attends. I also agree that a summary of the meetings is important as it will provide us with important information about where that members stands on different issues. 

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