EUCOCO conference in Sevillla 3, 4 and 5 februray 2012

Andalusia (Spain) and Seville, rejoice once again, to receive you for the celebration of the 37th European Coordination Conference of Support to the Sahrawi Saharawi People (EUCOCO). 
Celebrating this conference in Spain and especially in Andalusia, only 15 kilometers far away from Morocco, is of greatest importance, as here in Seville in 2001 we already showed, since our media are seen and heard in the cities of northern Morocco and our governments are friends of the king of Morocco and involved in the resolution or no resolution of this conflict. 
The province of Seville is twinned with Dakhla since 2001 and since 2010 the City Council is twinned with Tifariti in the liberated territories of Western Sahara. 
Every year this event is important to continue to reflect on our coordinated work in order to promote more and appropriate strategies to address us the international community and moreover to the European Union and United Nations, so that these institutions take firm position regarding Morocco for the implementation of the right to self-determination for the Saharawi people. 
We will talk and discuss also on the situation in the occupied territories of Western Sahara, where every day the human rights defenders and their families suffer for the arbitrary occupying military power. Respect for the human rights, and respect for the protection of natural resources. All these issues are at the heart of our demonstrations with Sahrawi associations and the Polisario Front and need great attention to achieve more influence on the decisions EU and the UN. 
So this conference should bring together the majority of participants: those who are active in Europe in the committees and associations of solidarity; European politicians and personalities from other continents, especially Africa and America. All of us together will contribute to broaden the knowledge of the Saharawi people and all aspects of their struggle and to put pressure to the authorities of the EU and UN. 
It is urgent that the EU and Spain transform their projections and consideration of the Maghreb and allow the building of a new Maghreb a free and independent Sahara can exist.