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Baruch Rosenblum, un rabbin israélien, a rappelé l'histoire d'un officier supérieur de l'armée israélienne qui lui avait raconté une nuit à Gaza au cours de laquelle trois véhicules blindés israéliens « Namer » avaient été incendiés et 36 soldats israéliens tués.

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According to Baruch Rosenblum, a prominent Israeli rabbi, Hamas killed 36 soldiers overnight in response to Israel’s massacre in Gaza. He claims to have received this information from a senior IDF officer he met during a sermon in a synagogue on November 9 (see video). Here is the integrated text of his statement :

Gentlemen, we are in the second week of war in Gaza. Yesterday, I spoke with a high ranking officer, one of my students. He did not mention his name in order to avoid for exposing state secrets. I spoke to him and asked how he was, how many hours did you slept last night? He said that the first thing you should know is that the most of combat happens at night. This is the main time for combat. He said I want to tell you a story. He said do you want to hear the story? Let me tell you the story.

I went into the operation command at night. There are big screens in the room, and they have different drones in the sky. On the screen you can see a top view of all the soldiers, and everything that is happening. I can see myself entered the command station, everyone there is sat giving orders. And I can see all the commanders with their hands on their heads. I asked them, what happened? They said, come look on the screens what happened. I saw three armoured vehicles all on fire. I looked at the vehicles on the screen. I can tell they were « Namer » armoured vehicles. Do you know what a Namer is?

Namer is a tank without a turret, a tank without a turret. When they want to bring troops into the battlefield safely, they bring them in a Namer. There were Namer vehicles without a turret, three of them are on fire. In each vehicle there are 12 soldiers. They want to transport them to the area where there is a fire fight. There are anti-tank weapons there. That’s why they are transporting them there.

The commanders are sitting, watching 3 Namer vehicles coming out of one area and all of them on fire. They were all hit by anti-tank weapons one after the other. 36 soldiers killed definitely in those Namer armoured vehicles and the commanders holding their heads say, « since the star of the war we did not have 36 soldiers killed ». Look what this is, in one night there was so much fear.

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