Marocleaks : Le Maroc demande à l’AJC et à la Sepharadic National Alliance d’écrire à Ban Ki-moon après la démission de Van Valsum

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Date : 18/08/2008 09:35
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Pour Sdi Yassine
Jason, va préparer une lettre de l’American Jewish Committee pour le Secrétaire Général des Nations-Unies l’exortant de respecter les engagements du Conseil de Sécurité dans l’affaire du Sahara. Il va contacter aussi ses amis au département d’Etat et à La Maison Blanche sur le même Sujet.
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To: Ahmed Charai
Sent: Monday, August 18, 2008 5:11 AM
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Dear Ahmed,
I’m sorry to be out of touch in recent days. I’ve been traveling with my son – visiting universities he is considering a􀀞ending – and have now just begun a one-week family vacation on an island off the coast of Rhode Island. Please forgive my silence.
I am, of course, happy to help in any way I can. Hoping that it’s not too late, I’m asking colleagues to get a further message to the Secretary-General on this ma􀀝er – and I’ll also press further in Washington (for addi􀀡onal UN leverage).
Thank you for the kind offer of a recep􀀡on in Morocco in October. Because of Jewish holidays and other commitments that month (and my desire not to be away in the run-up to the US election more than I have to), I wonder if it might be possible to schedule the next AJC visit a little later; there’s a good window for me in early December (the 10th to the 14th) that I hope might be convenient for you and for the Government (and, if possible, for His Majesty).
All the best, my friend.
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Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 13:54:50 -0000
To: Jason Isaacson
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Dear Jason,
Dear friend Jason, I hope that you took some moments of rest with your family. As I proposed it to you, the best moment to come to Morocco is in October, we can then, plan an audience with The King.
The Moroccan government is very worried for the process of negotiations with Polisario encouraged by the Security Council. They think that an abrupt change of the representative of the General Secretary could hinder this initiative. This is why the Moroccan wish that M.Walsum stays until next December 2008. The Moroccan government hope that the USA could encourage Banki-moone in this way »
I would like to propose to you something very important for morocco and certainely will be very much appreciate by theme : That the AJC sends a letter to Banki-moone to announce him, its anxiety of the blockage of the negotiations between Morocco and polisario and to ask him to continue to encourage the negotiations between the parts concerned in a climate of confidence and sincerity.
What did you think, any chance to do it very quickly,
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La Sepharadic National Alliance aussi est priée d’envoyer une lettre au Secrétaire Général des Nations-Unies
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Date : 19/08/2008 16:15
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Pour Sdi Yassine:
* La Sepharadic National Alliance, va envoyer une lettre au Secrétaire Général des Nations-Unies l’exortant de peser de son autorité et de se conformer aux résolutions du Conseil de Sécurité pour l’affaire du Sahara. Ils vont lui demander de faire en sorte que les négociations soient reprise sans conditions. Je Vous Rappele que L’Alliance comporte des noms importants comme Le Sénateur Démocrate de New York Schumer, Le Congressman de New York Winner, ainsi que des homes d’affaires influents (Joe Cayre, Alberto Saba, Jack Avital…..). Jack nou enverra une copie la semaine prochaine par courrier
* Jack Avital a comme promis, contacté son ami en Corée, il sera chez lui à NY fin Août.
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Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 10:18 PM
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Dear Ahmed,
Please froward this to Our Big Friend M.Yassine Mansouri.
I am preparing a letter to Mr. Ban-Ki-Moon and also a letter to The King and I will send it to you by
DHL to give it to Minister Yassine Mansouri.
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