Militant marocain accuse la DGED d’être derrière la suppression de ses vidéos Youtube

Anarouz Izmer, le nom de profile d’un membre de l’Union des opposants et réfugiés politiques marocains a écrit à la direction de Youtube pour dénoncer la suppression de ses vidéos. Il accuse les services marocains d’être d’être derrière cette suppression en réclamant des droits de copyright. 

Son e-mail était aussi piraté par la DGED.

Texte de son mail envoyé le 4 juillet 2012:

Anarouz Izmer

Moroccan secret police/intelligence removed my video on youtube. They claimed to be the copyright owners of the video. And I just emailed youtube about that. This is the email I sent to youtube.

Dear Sir,

My youtube accout/channel (Adil20112) associated with this email is being falsely claimed that it has content that I do not own.

Well, in Middle East and North Africa, there are rulers who are dictators. They do not allow freedom of speech and criticism as you know. Therefore, their intelligence/secret police target videos that criticize these dictators. This is how they do it.

First, videos made by individuals, opposed to a dictator, and in which they criticize the dictator, are owned by individuals who created those videos (like my own videos).

Second, the intelligence/secret police of the dictator do their best to remove these videos,which criticize the dictator. They do it by using youtube copyright claim. They claim to be the owners of the videos (in which individuals,against the dictator,criticize the dictator). So, youtube removes them. This way, they silence the political opposition. And this is exactly what happend to my video/s that is/are claimed to be a copyright of somebody else’s (who is actually the dictators’secret police disguised as a company that owns the copyright,which is not true).

To sum up,dictators’ Intelligence remove the political opposition videos(in which they criticize dictators,governments,presidents and kings) from youtube by filing a false claim of copyright of these videos.

Iam the real owner of copyright of the video/s that have been claimed to be somebody else’s.And Iam ready to stand in trial if I was not.Please youtube do not remove videos just because they have been claimed by a liar to be his own copyright.And I will sue youtube,too.Thank you.

Let me know what you think. Thanks. Ta7ya Nidalia

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