Moroccoleaks : M. Ross répond aux rumeurs sur sa prétendu démission

Fwd: Press Exploitation of Issue of My Travel
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message de ross
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Lotfi Bouchaara
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Objet : Most Recent AlifPost Article
Dear Nasser,
The most recent article that has appeared about me in the Arabic version of AlifPost is pure invention. I have absolutely no intention of resigning, and the supposed European Union sources of al-Quds al-`Arabi/AlifPost are one hundred percent wrong on this score!
Please give my best regards to your Minister .
Christopher Ross
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Fwd: MAP Interview
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Mbarka Bouaida; SALAHEDDINE MEZOUAR; Lotfi Bouchaara
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> Objet: MAP Interview
> Dear Omar,
> I hope that you are enjoying your vacation. I read your interview with MAP with great interest, and I have noted and absorbed your points on the needs of the negotiating process. On a couple of other points, I have some comments I will share with you when we next see each other.
> I do wish to address one point even now. I am not aware of any effort within the Secretariat to generate questions and answers aiming to put pressure on Morocco. After several rounds of speculation first in the Moroccan press and then more widely in the regional press to the effect that I was thinking of resigning, I did prepare the following answer on 21 July for use in the event the spokesperson was asked a question about these reports.
> North African media reports claiming that the Personal Envoy of the Secretary-General for Western Sahara may resign or that he may propose an end to the negotiating process he has been facilitating are pure inventions and without foundation. With the full support of the Secretary-General and of the Security Council, the Personal Envoy, Mr. Christopher Ross, is continuing to consult regarding the parties’ concerns and the timing of his next visit to the region. His mandate remains that of assisting the parties to achieve a just, lasting, and mutually acceptable political solution, which will provide for the self-determination of the people of Western Sahara, and his activities continue to be guided by successive Security Council resolutions, which, among other things, call upon the parties and the neighbouring states to cooperate more fully with the United Nations and with each other in the search for a settlement.
> That response was intended to be fair and balanced. There was no hint of pressure on Morocco. Par contre, the last sentence was intended as a signal to Algeria.
> In the absence of any questions, the UN Press Office shared the above statement with the MAP correspondent on 23 July.
> As it happened, the question did come up in the daily UN briefing on 4 August, and the spokesperson’s response was much shorter:
> Question: Yes, I have a question on the Western Sahara if we are finished with Gaza. There are persistent rumours that Christopher Ross is no longer trusted by both parties in the conflict and is about to resign or is thinking about resigning. Could you comment about that and tell us also if Mr. Ross is about to go to the region at a given point?
> Associate Spokesperson: We’ve seen those media reports about the Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy for Western Sahara. Those reports have no foundation. Mr. Ross, Ambassador Ross, is continuing his consultation with the parties, both on their concerns obviously, but also on the timing of his next visit to the region.
> The question was differently asked on 11 August, but the spokesperson gave no new response:
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Fwd: Throne Day 2014
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> Expéditeur: Christopher Ross
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> Objet: Throne Day 2014
> Dear Omar,
gt; I was looking forward to attending the reception for Throne Day that you hosted on July 30, but found myself stuck in Washington to help deal with a friend’s health problems. I’m sure that it was a grand event and am sorry that I missed it. Had I been present, I would have asked you to transmit my very best wishes to His Majesty. Perhaps you can do so even though they are late.
> I trust that you are enjoying your vacation!
> Christopher Ross
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Fwd: noon briefing by un spoksperson
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SALAHEDDINE MEZOUAR; Mbarka Bouaida; Lotfi Bouchaara;
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> Objet: noon briefing by un spoksperson
> Monsieur l’Ambassadeur,
> Aujourd’hui la porte parole adjointe des NU a répondu à une question posée par André IOlaz sur la question nationale:
> Question : there have been press reports that christopher Ross is no longer trusted by both sides of the conflict ans is about or is thinking about resigning. What is your comment on that?
> Answer: We have seen those reports abount UNSG envoy for western Sahara. Those reports have no foundatio. Ambassador Ross is continuiing his consultations with the parties both on their concerns, but also on the timing of his next visit to the region.
> j’ ai appris par la suite que la question a été suggérée par Ross lui même à travers la porte parole adjointe Banina Mastratti qui est une proche de lui et de Feltman.
> Abderrazzak Laassel
> Deputy Permanent Representative
> Permanent Mission of the Kingdom Of Morocco to United Nations
> Tel : 212 4211580
> Fax: 212 421 7826
> cell: 646 6101755
> Email: laassela@maec,
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