Zapatero made a last flower to Mohamed VI

Casablanca .- The Spanish government led by José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has just made an official flower in Morocco. It authorized the extradition of the day before yesterday Secretary General of the Chabiba Islamiya, Hassan Bakir, to Morocco where he was sentenced to death in absentia in 1985. […]

Answering Obama’s UN Address – OpEd

By Stephen Zunes During the Bush administration, I wrote more than a dozen annotated critiques of presidential speeches. I have refrained from doing so under President Barack Obama, however, because – despite a number of disappointments with his administration’s policies — I found his speeches to be relatively […]

2011: the year of Facebook revolutions … some forgotten and ignored

The occupation of Wall Street began in the deserts of Western Sahara and this weekend it will spread to our Australian cities. In El-Ayoun, Moroccan controlled Western Sahara, in the Gdeim Izik refugee tent camp, a demonstration was set up by Saharawis as a form of protest in […]

X1Fin: Juntos por el Sáhara, música y solidaridad se unen en Cuatro

30 jóvenes actores y músicos participan en el concierto « X1Fin: Juntos por el Sáhara » con el objetivo de ayudar al pueblo saharaui. Cuatro muestra su lado más solidario con la emisión del concierto X1Fin: Juntos por el Sáhara. El concierto, grabado recientemente en el Teatro Circo Price de […]

Camacho visita por primera vez a su homólogo marroquí

El ministro del Interior, Antonio Camacho, viaja el martes 4 de octubre a Rabat (Marruecos), para entrevistarse con su homólogo marroquí Taieb Cherkaoui. Esta es la primera reunión que el nuevo ministro realiza en Marruecos desde que el pasado dos de julio tomase el control de la cartera […]

El Sáhara Occidental, o la desgracia de ser ricos

Para ser ricos no basta poseer un tesoro, además es necesario tener el poder suficiente para conservarlo. Esto es lo que ocurrió al infortunado pueblo del Sáhara Occidental cuando en 1949 el geólogo español Manuel Alia Medina descubre los inmensos yacimientos de fosfatos de Bu Craa. Lo que […]

UNHCR : Freedom of the Press 2011 – Morocco

Rachid Nini, journalist in prison since 28/04/2011 Title Freedom of the Press 2011 – Morocco Publisher : Freedom House Country: Morocco Publication: Date 3 October 2011 Cite as Freedom House, Freedom of the Press 2011 – Morocco, 3 October 2011, available at: [accessed 4 October 2011] Disclaimer […]

Javier Bardem to speak at the UN on Western Sahara

Actor Javier Bardem will ask this Tuesday at the headquarters of the UN in New York the unblocking of the process of decolonization of Western Sahara and peacekeepers in the area to become involved more actively to prevent violations of the human rights of the Sahrawi people. Reported […]

Call for solidarity brigade to Western Sahara!

The World Federation of Democratic Youth, international organization founded in 1947, which gather the revolutionary and anti-imperialist youth of the world, have decided to include in their main guidelines of action, the organization of international solidarity missions to the countries who are under the oppression and menace of […]

Call for extension of the mandate of MINURSO

The rights of the Saharawi people were reaffirmed at a conference in Bologna (Italy), trade unionists and civil society organizations that are committed in a statement to strengthen their solidarity with the people, officials said Saturday with the Saharawi representative in Rome. “With the continuing stalemate that prevents […]

Western Sahara: Keeping the Status Quo

Resolution 1979 (2011) regarding the Western Sahara Since December 2010, the so-called international community watches, unmoved, by the popular uprisings that have taken place in the Arab world. In the midst of a global economic crisis, these uprisings – hitherto unimaginable and unimagined – are the result of […]

Ponferrada camina por el Sáhara

El próximo día 16 de octubre, Ponferrada se echará a andar con su espíritu más solidario. Es la quinta edición de la Marcha Solidaria, que este año se realiza beneficio de la Asociación de Amigos del pueblo Saharaui. El objetivo de la caminata, construir un centro de tratamiento […]

Abdelaziz Beljadem: “los gobernantes árabes propusieron a Argelia apropiarse de una parte del Sáhara Occidental”

Argel (Argelia) /02/10/2011(SPS).-El representante del presidente argelino y Secretario General del Frente de Liberación Nacional, Sr. Abdelaziz Beljadem reveló  que algunos gobernantes árabes habían pedido a Argelia apropiarse de una parte del territorio del Sáhara Occidental para poner fin al conflicto en la región, o ceder a  Marruecos […]


por Salek Jatri Andala “El Ninserani” Las autoridades policiales y militares de ocupación marroquíes, están tratando de sofocar a marchas forzadas las revueltas en la ciudad ocupada de Dajla, para dar sensación de tranquilidad y alejar la mirada de los medios de comunicación de la zona, en su […]

Morocco … The blurred image and agitated?

An article on Morocco, in the press this morning is brush mechanical excellence. Why not talk about the disadvantaged in prostitution to survive while the wren has launched a high-speed train that took the skin of the buttocks? Morocco is a perpetual ill on a drip while huge […]

Hooliganism or nationalism?

Sunday, Dakhla Saharawi people lived against their violent incidents that have cost them several dead and dozens injured, in addition to the devastation of their homes and destruction of their vehicles. A true “ratonnade” led by the Moroccan settlers in collusion with the forces of Makhzen. To believe […]

Very good summary of the criminal regime of Mohammed VI

      Morocco is a country ruled since independence it There’s 55, by a dictatorial, totalitarian, criminal, mafia and corrupt. Obscure power under the current governance of a dictator named Mohammed VI with the function of ‘King of Morocco’. A king dictator and criminal has all the […]

Africa is shoot

By Corinne Moncel Past twenty years, the continent, from north to south, from west to east, more immune to drug use. It is far from the days when drug use involving only a ritual use: some iboga, a plant psychotropic potions witches in Equatorial Africa, to come into […]

A Youm Kippur in the Maghreb?

In Rome, Abdelkader Omar, the Prime Minister of the SADR (Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, a founding member of the AU, already recognized by some 80 States), in turn, warned last Sunday about the risks a conflagration in the region, because of the stubbornness of Morocco to Stop solution […]

The “Arab Spring” and the media: bad journalisme, lies and bad faith

” Propaganda is to democracy what violence dictatorship is “N. Chomsky It is true that we live in an era of “information society”. Never has so much our lives have been influenced by the waves of new drained by what we call now, the information technology and communication […]