Moroccan hackers “colonizing” sites Algerian institutions

By Hakim Merabet 

The Moroccan propaganda against Algeria has just reached its peak: His Majesty the hackers have now made massive attacks on websites of governmental institutions and ‘Algerian financial institutions. While the majority of sites were recovered such as the exchange of Algiers, that of the Directorate General of large companies (DGI) under the General Tax Directorate (DGI) is still “colonized” the time of writing these lines, Moroccan hackers.
Pirates of His Majesty does not hesitate to spread the red flag throughout of Western Sahara.

Worse, and as a base of nose to Algeria hackers claim that “the Sahara is Moroccan pace the Algerian”. Under the generic title of “The deterrent Moroccan defend the supreme interests of the kingdom”, the pirates set the tone on the home page of several sites of institutions including the Directorate of large enterprises (DGE). 

The message is flocked coat of arms of Morocco with its national motto:” God, country, the king. ” Hackers specify that the operation was conducted in collaboration with the “Triple Hack”. Over black, pirates spread out the huge map of “Greater Morocco” hit any red in the middle of a green star. The image already detestable to the Algerians, is accompanied by the Moroccan national anthem. An intolerable provocation in fact from a country whose sovereign continues to seek normalization with a “brother country”.
Palace intrigues
The fact is that this intrusion into the Algerian institutions comes 48 hours after the king’s speech celebrating the famous “Green March” which marks the colonization of Western Sahara. And the pirates themselves state that their actions (hacking) was organized in “commemoration of the 36th anniversary of the Green March of November 6, 1975 in Morocco.”
So question: This massive attack against the institutions and agencies Algerian has been conducted under the supervision of Makhzen? Everything leads to believe, as the kingdom in his vain attempt to recognize the occupation of Western Sahara at the UN, uses all means to subdue Algeria. The latest attempt on the abduction of three European humanitarian camp Rabouni Saharawi refugees near Tindouf, the Makhzen has not hesitated to attribute to Algeria.
Unfortunately for him, AQIM has charged itself to bring him the contradiction by claiming removal via a statement. This intrusion into the fabric of Algeria is yet another attempt by Morocco to shift the debate to a kingdom in turmoil with the march announced the Youth Movement of 11 February on the eve of legislation to “the enemy” Algeria . Missed. It is even a sign of panic in the palace of the plot.
Algeria-plus, 8/11/2011