Corruption: Leaking of confidential AU documents

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On the occasion of the widespread media coverage of the scandal known as Marocgate, which shook the European Parliament, it should be recalled that these corrupt practices have been widely practiced by Morocco in Africa and the African Union.

Indeed, presidents, ministers, ambassadors and civil society figures have received money and gifts in order to obtain their support for Moroccan aims in Africa, in particular to prevent the African Union from intervening in the UN-led peace process in Western Sahara. For Rabat, this intervention was an initiative of the African Commission under the chairmanship of Ms. Dlamini Zuma.

Thus, Morocco succeeded in recruiting Ms. Zuma’s chief of staff, Jean-Baptiste, a dirty cop from Burkina Faso, a country that is part of the French-led nebula known as Françafrique, of which the Kingdom of Morocco is the main stronghold.

Thanks to its recruit, Rabat obtained confidential documents from the African Commission, including a letter sent by Ambassador Yilma Tadesse, the African Union’s representative to MINURSO, to Ms. Dlamini Zuma, regarding the publication of a Moroccan media on the former president of Mozambique, Joachim Chissano.

Indeed, the website published on July 1, 2014 an article entitled « AU. A drug trafficker appointed as special envoy for Sahara-REabat totally rejects the decision of the African Union » which caused the indignation of Ambassador Yilma Tadesse, representative of the African Union to MINURSO, the UN mission operating in Western Sahara. « Writing a news story on the development is, of course, one thing but engaging in a scurrilous defamation, simply quite another. It is indeed regrettable that the paper had to stoop so low in launching such an attack on the person of one of the African freedom fighters and dedicated leaders or oru continent, » he wrote in this regard.

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