The drunken king of Morocco was caught on video in Paris

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Drunk King Mohammed of Morocco was spotted on the streets of Paris, accompanied by his bodyguards. His walk was caught on video, which circulated through the Arab media. About it informs news portal Awras.

The video shows the king walking down the sidewalk in a denim shirt and with a glass of alcohol in his hand, while in a state of extreme intoxication. One of the staff who accompanied him saw the cameraman and attempted to stop filming.

Earlier, Finnish society was dissatisfied with the publication in the media of a video from a party with the participation of Prime Minister Sanna Marin and her friends. On the air of the YLE television company, the politician explained that she did not see the need to change her behavior. She later revealed that she had passed a negative drug test.

Gaming deputy, 25/08/2022

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