Madrid: Morocco recruits terrorists in European countries considered as « enemies » because of their support to Western Sahara independence

Spanish media sources, of which « El Mundo » and « La Razón », revealed some details and informations confirming involvement of Gulf states in supporting and financing terrorist organizations and extremist religious associations, including « Daesh » and the group « Brothers » on Spanish territory, and in a number of countries over the world.
Spanish newspapers shed light on the financing of radical Islamist organizations in Spain matter, particularly the group « Muslim Brothers », « Islamic Liberation Party », « Justice and Charity Party » and « Tabligh Movement » as well as Salafi movement.
According to the spanish newspaper « La Razón », some anti-terrorist sources in Spain, confirmed that wealthy businessmen from the Gulf are financing radical nature imams at Catalan region, where exist 250 mosques, of which 80 in Barcelona, ​​noting that experts from Spanish anti-terrorist police confirmed that recruitment operations towards Syria and Iraq are carried out systematically with funds from the Gulf.
The newspaper added that « Brothers » are political Islam supporters just as a cover, but reality is organizations depending on « Brothers » are working in the shade to spread violence in Spain. It highlighted there is an imam called Mohammed Atouli, which controls several mosques at « Costa Brava region », said mosques in the region has received half a million euros. He said this amount came from the donations of believers, but Spanish intelligence services revealed that this amount is too large for the number of Muslims in the region, which pushed them to open an investigation on the destination of these funds.
« El Mundo » highlighted Spanish interior ministry officials are following since years the phenomenon evolution in Catalonia: They confirmed that among 10 most radical imams in Spain, 6 of them live in Catalonia and pointed out that direct financing from Gulf states under various names, are what make radicalism and extremism spreading.
The newspaper emphasize that Spain has a high level of terrorist threat, and there is a high probability of a terrorist attack in Spain or against Spanish interests abroad, according to Spanish intelligence, noting that Morocco was behind the recruitment of terrorists, especially in Melilla and Ceuta, two spanish cities, and send them to Europe, especially towards the countries supporting UN resolutions on Western Sahara self-determination, considered by Rabat as enemy states.
Source : Al.Fajr, 23/07/2016