Western Sahara: President Abdelaziz calls on Saudi Arabia to mediate between his country and Morocco

BIR LAHLOU (liberated territories) – Saharawi President Mohamed Abdelaziz called on Saudi Arabia to intervene with Morocco to end the lasting conflict in Western Sahara and the sufferings of the Saharawi and Moroccan peoples, the Sahrawi news agency SPS reported Sunday.
« Due to the deadlock caused by freezing of the negotiation process after the refusal by Morocco of the mediation of UN Secretary General Personal Envoy Christopher Ross, I address your Majesty to ask his Majesty king Mohamed VI to end the conflict and the sufferings of the Saharawi and Moroccan peoples,  » President Abdelaziz said in a letter to the Saudi monarch king Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.
He asked the Moroccan king to « start serious » negotiations with the Saharawi party on the basis of the charter signed by late King Hassan II with the Sahrawis on respect for the will of the Saharawi people to freely decide about their. »
« With this deadlock in the process of resolving the conflict between Morocco and the Sahrawis since 1975, I decided to speak to your Majesty as a servant of the Holy Places of Islam, » Saharawi president said stressing that this initiative came following « the abandonment of Morocco’s international commitments including those related to self-determination referendum for the Saharawi people. »
President Abdelaziz reiterated on the other hand, the important role of late King Fahd bin Abdulaziz to convince late Hassan II to consider appeals from the international community and accept the self-determination referendum for the Saharawi people.
« The question of historical rights, Morocco’s only argument for its continued occupation of Western Sahara, has been battered by the international community two weeks before the invasion through the opinion of the International Court of Justice in The Hague.
Aware of our responsibility toward the future of the Sahrawi and Moroccan peoples, we have made concessions but the only concession never to ask about is to abandon the struggle for the right of Saharawi people to self-determination, » President Abdelaziz said.
« International law, the guarantor of international peace, recognizes this right and gave to the Saharawi people, only the Saharawi people, the right to decide about the final status of Western Sahara territory between either independence or annexation by the Morocco, and other forms, » he added.
President Mohamed Abdelaziz also affirmed that the Polisario Front was as brave as late Hassan II, who said in London (July 1987) he would be the first to open an embassy in the city of Laayoune if the Sahrawis vote for independence.
On the other hand, the Saharawi president expressed the availability of the Polisario Front « to accept any result of referendum on self-determination including annexation to Morocco and recognition of its sovereignty over the territory if such was the will of Saharawi people. »