Meeting 26.01.12 “We are Saharawi”

Hi all!
So, our first meeting of term 2, in a brand new room (D/104) so now we all have lots of space!
We began with a documentary titled “We are Saharawi” exploring the lives of the Saharawi refugee community in Algeria. The older generation having to adapt to a completely new life after being forced out of their own homeland of Western Sahara after a conflict with Morocco in 1975 when they claimed sovereignty and when the Moroccans build a 2,700km long wall blocking off the land from more than half of the Saharawi people. Now the Saharawi refugees live in camps where there are no real jobs, and many skills are wasted, they educate their children for when they can return to their homeland, if that time comes. Children as young as 10 often have to leave the camps and go to Spain, Cuba, etc. if they wish to continue their education.
“We are Saharawi” Documentary link:
After watching the documentary we discussed issues of why the conflict has gone on for so long, and the differences of peoples feeling toward the Saharawi refugees compared to refugees who come to the UK. We questioned why, when someone who is openly against refugees coming to the UK would they be sympathetic to the Saharawis. We also discussed why issues like this were not in the public eye. Is it because the conflict is simply territory based while other, more reported, conflicts are political? Is it because the conflict has gone on too long?
Furthermore here is a little invite to an Ice & Fire performance on Tuesday 21st February 19.00 – 20.30 in B/B002 (the biology block) Tickets are free and it will be an amazing peformance!
More info about the next meeting to come soon!
Best wishes!